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 READ HERE!!! lol

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PostSubject: READ HERE!!! lol   Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:17 am

Hey guys,

Well as you have noticed, Jihad and myself have not been on steam lately, due to our failtastic internet, but we should hopefully be upgrading to better internet very shortly.

Once we do, we will be organising a few meetings and clan training sessions, so we can actually get going. We've got a lot to talk about, in ways of promotion, admin, server and other stuff, so when we do organise team meetings, we expect everyone to turn up (meetings will be held on our server obviously)

For now guys, try and play on our server as much as possible, whilst promoting it, and sending people to our forum. If you guys know of anyone who would like to trial, or even friends who want to join the community, SEND THEM TO OUR FORUM! its one step closer to getting ourselves bigger and more well known.

Also, i would like you guys to post your interest in getting jackets/shirts/car stickers/stickers... Depending on how many we get, we will start designing, post pics up here and people can then order. Treason, if you could, can you send me an email of the jackets/jumpers/shirts (whatever) so we can get a basic idea of what we're looking at. If only one or two people express interest, we will not get anything, as obviously its cheaper to buy in bulk, so another task people: see if friends who are in the community are interested, and talk to people in the clan, get them on here, and tell them about the merchandice.

Check out the merchandice section on the forum as i've added a few things there okay peeps.

Dee x

Im NOT a little boy!!! IM FUCKING FEMALE!!!
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READ HERE!!! lol
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